Zeuler Lima / Spring 2014

In partnership with Taylor Halamka

Giuseppe Poggi’s original plan for the Parco Della Cascine in Firenze was a monumental roundabout entrance to the park serving as a connection to the city. Consisting of a large circular access leading smoothly into the green-space, Cascine has since become divided from the city by vehicular infrastructure and lack of meaningful connection.

Our revitalization of Cascine focuses on the opportunity available in the east edge of the park to unite the disparate parts of the city that existed as the park grew and that appeared after. Beginning at the scale of the city, the reimagined park reaches out from its edges into the adjacent neighborhoods to create a clear indication of the park from afar. Two central axes, one from north to south and the other east to west, intersect at the convergence of the three city zones. Looking back to Poggi’s original plan, we appropriated the monumental statue as the center of a circular piazza space, creating a clear destination for pedestrians approaching the park from all parts of the city. The monumental center flows into the green park space while the axes disperse into alternate paths and destinations for jogging, walking, and biking.